In May 1999, in the middle of the dotcom boom, Ian McAlpine and Mark O’Connor launched Perceptor. It was a time of extraordinary change and opportunity as the business world grasped the potential of the Internet for the first time and technology disrupted established business models.

As a start-up ourselves, we enjoyed working with other start-ups and large corporate spin-offs to source talented management teams who could drive rapid growth. So Perceptor started strongly as clients sought access to leading edge candidates.

We widened our focus to ensure that we were well-positioned to assist large corporates who were ready to grow as the economy expanded through the noughties.

Our toughest challenge was the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 when hiring freezes were the norm and several large companies went close to collapse. We remained focused on building strong relationships and delivering great outcomes and, never wavering from our core competency or market focus, came through the downturn with our reputation enhanced.

So how has new technology impacted Perceptor? Well, Seek was only two years old when we started and there was no LinkedIn or Smartphones. We see all these new technologies as positive for clients, candidates and the recruitment industry. The market is now more transparent and fast-moving which is great, but also more complex and challenging to navigate. Our market experience and extensive networks give us unique insights which enable us to create substantial value for clients and candidates.

Yes, the world has changed a lot since 1999 but we believe that the core service we provide – sourcing the best talent to enable our partners to transform and grow – is as relevant today as twenty years ago.

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Financial, Accounting & Commercial

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Sales & Marketing; Digital & Transformation

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